Gorillaz Demon Days

The whole band in their album Demon Days.


Noodle (when she's 10)

The Gorillaz Are Animated band that were created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett The Gorillaz are on there own universe containing The Four Band Memeber's

2D (lead vocalist keyboard and melodica)

Murdoc (Bass guitar and Drum machine)

Russel ( Drums and percussion)

Noodle (main leader of the guitar and Keyboard)

The Gorillaz first single was Gorillaz which consisted of

Clint Eastwood

Rock The House


Tommorow comes today

Don't get lost in heaven.
Gorillaz noodle-dare

Noodle as she appears when she 15.





Gorillaz Murdoc

Murdoc (as he appears in Rock the House)

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