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The actually real image of smile.jpg , just that with an i pod


Smile . jpg or Smile dog , is an famous .jpg and the second creepypasta of all the creepypastas .


The pic show us an dog actually an German Shepheard , he has tiny green eyes with black shades similar to SquidWard,s Suicide , the photo is taken in a window , at the bottom of the window we can apreciate an drawing of a bloody hand , or actually a hand drawed with blood.

History (First Person)Edit

In the summer time , Mary and me were searching for stuff in the internet , then we saw an video , I was afraid becouse that dog was all bloody , anyways , Mary watch it , she sayed that he was feeling sick , then I leave her in the hospital , a few weeks later , she was better , but then i saw in the newspaper this"Smile.jpg is killing people" , yes if you see the video entirely , you die.......

Proofs of this beeing a fakeEdit

  1. The dog that we can aprecciate in the pic is an normal German Shepheard , only that with photoshop they added the eyes and the smile.
  2. The bloody hand is also made in photoshop.
  3. The background(all the house) its an normal photoshop layer , just that more darker , with an deeper red layer , and all blurry.
  4. We can instantly apreciate that is fake becouse the hand is more bigger than an normal hand.

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